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Are You Looking for a PR Internship This Summer?

At Inkandescent PR, we have had the great fortune of working with a handful of smart, eager, hard-working interns who have made great headway toward mastering the art of PR and marketing in the months they’ve worked with us.

So this spring, we decided to make the program more formal and launched Inkandescent Internships: A PR Training Program. It’s open to any college student, graduate, or career-changer looking to get their feet wet in the PR, marketing, and publishing business.

The Mission: To create opportunities for undergrads, grad students, and career-changers who are looking for experience in public relations and marketing.

The Program: Based on an 8-week (summer) or 12-week (school year) curriculum created to teach interns the basics of PR and marketing, students learn to do research, program and upload data to our websites, write press releases, create media lists, reach out to the media, and develop effective strategies for our clients. The internship ends with an evaluation and a letter of recommendation.

The Commitment: The internship program includes weekly assignments and assessment, bi-weekly conference calls, and monthly in-person meetings with staff.

The Benefits: Because our curriculum is designed to have interns learn, and master, the basics of PR, marketing, and business strategy, our interns report that they learn more than expected, and have the opportunity to try their hand in the PR and marketing field in an insightful and effective manner. In fact, we have hired some of our interns to work as editorial assistants after they complete the program.

For more information, visit www.InkandescentInternships.com, and send us an email to hope@inkandescentpr.com, or call 703 346-6975.

How do our interns feel about the experience?

Ask Ashley Freund, who was an Inkandescent intern two summers ago—and did such a great job that she became our editorial assistant in the fall. She’s doing a bang-up job. Scroll down to read her take on her work at Inkandescent PR.

The Internship Experience

By Ashley Freund
Editorial Assistant
Inkandescent Public Relations

An essential element to successful career advancement in today’s corporate environment is the use of professional and personal connections.

Finding a job can be daunting, but support from someone who can vouch for your talent can make the process less stressful and ultimately lead to more self-confidence. I found myself in a constant cycle of recommendations and interviews at many companies, but did not find an organization that I felt passionate about until Inkandescent Public Relations.

When I met Mrs. Gibbs, founder and president of Inkandescent Public Relations, I felt instantly at ease. She told me in detail what would be expected from me and how, with time, my responsibilities would grow. I have tackled and successfully completed tasks from database control to press releases, and I have had the opportunity to meet people from around the world. I started as an intern, and I am now honored to be the paid editorial assistant for Inkandescent PR.

Making the transition from intern to editorial assistant was intimidating at first. I found myself concerned about how I was going to balance my life at Virginia Tech, where I was a senior, continue to be a contributing member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and maintain the high quality of work expected of me at Inkandescent PR.

As with any job, I have to meet deadlines and set clear priorities when juggling the Inkandescent Networking website database and audio transcriptions for the magazine and radio podcasts. However, since much of the work with Inkandescent PR involves online assignments, the tasks are more accessible and easier to keep up with.

Here Are 6 Ways I’ve Found to Make the Most of Your Internship

  1. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to tackle new tasks, it’s a learning experience so make the most of it.
  2. Be bold and share your ideas. You’re a part of a team now, so don’t be nervous if you have a suggestion.
  3. Stay organized and don’t procrastinate.
  4. Keep an open line for communication. You never know when something will need to be completed at the last minute, so make sure you are available in case of an unexpected assignment.
  5. Have fun! Internships do need to be taken seriously because of the responsibilities they entail, but remember you are just starting out. You will make mistakes, but learn from them and don’t let them bring you down.
  6. Smile! Smiling is the best form of PR, so keep a positive attitude and soak in every lesson during your internship.

To anyone interested in joining the Inkandescent team, do it!

The leaders of Inkandescent have years of experience and are eager to share their knowledge. If I were to give any advice, it would be to go for what you want, prioritize, and do your research.

I went for my dream internship when I applied for Inkandescent and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to show what I could bring to the company. The experiences I have had with Inkandescent will serve me well as I continue my career. As for research, many of the tasks—such as database management and audio transcripts—require some training to complete successfully. Don’t be afraid to research and explore topics you are interested in.

Halfway through my internship with Inkandescent Public Relations, I was invited to contribute a short essay for an issue of Be Inkandescent magazine on the theme, “Can Women Have It All?” My answer was simple: “Focusing on a career, family, or both is completely up to the woman, and from there, the concept of having it ‘all’ can be obtained. The bottom line to me is happiness.”

Regardless of gender, race, or religious beliefs, happiness is required to feel one truly “has it all.” Today, I find myself truly happy. I belong to a sorority of inspiring women, I have a family who shows me every day how powerful love is, and a job that I adore.

Being part of the Inkandescent family was a great way to complete my college career!