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Meet the Amazing Barclay Martin

Musician, traveler and humanitarian Barclay Martin has forged a creative path which merges some of his life’s great passions to serve some of our world’s needs.

Martin’s work led him to begin The Wash Project, a hand-washing initiative in Mali, West Africa through Medical Missions Foundation. Led by the community itself, The Wash Project provides entrepreneurial opportunities to local Malian women and brings health/sanitation programs to over 7,000 children.

From 2007-2009, Martin served as the guest musical director and composer for the acclaimed documentary Rise and Dream, set in the Philippines. Working in partnership with the international humanitarian organization Unbound, Martin helped to develop a musical and cultural celebration of peace with Filipino musicians and students in the heart of a region plagued by generations of unrest and struggle.

In his current role as the Channel Development Coordinator for Unbound, Martin draws from his career in music and lessons from years of walking with communities throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia, to build bridges and understanding between worlds.

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